Thursday, May 15, 2008

education wfh jobs update

I'm finally updating my wfh jobs links list along the right side of this blog. If you are looking for new job sources, scroll down until you get to: education wfh writing jobs . With luck, you'll find a company you didn't know about.

I'm sending out updated information to all of these companies. First, I checked each website to look for changes. Then, I looked through online catalogs (if there are any), and ordered catalogs that looked interesting.

Once I'm sure the company is still a good fit for me, I send a cover letter and resume, usually to Human Resources, Editorial, unless I have a current contact name.

I'd love to add to the list. Please share! If you have a blog with an excellent list, let me know.



Pieces of Me said...


Have you taken a look at Evelyn Christensen's blog?

It's chock full of wfh markets.

Good Luck!


hmjenck said...

Great tip Dorit. Thanks!

This site is also very good. I signed up for the email job listings and have found it very helpful:


Pieces of Me said...

Yes, that is where I found Evelyn's blog !